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Assessor Opportunities

Our Independent Technical Assessors provide the support needed to assess technical competence and capability within organisations.

Independent Technical Assessors, who may be self-employed or working through a limited company, are contracted by UKAS to assess within their own sector/technical area as part of a UKAS Assessment Team.

Specific areas in which we are looking for independent assessors are listed below.  However, we also welcome speculative applications across other areas of expertise.

Technical Assessors - Water Treatment Industry - Biosolids

Closing date : No closing date

UKAS is looking for technical experts in the water industry to take part in assessments of certification bodies performing audits of the processes of treatment and disposal of biosolids/sewage sludge.

Technical Assessors - Engine Testing (Lubricant Performance)

Closing date : No closing date

UKAS are currently looking for independent Technical Assessors for Engine testing (lubricant performance) based on of the Coordinating European Council (CEC) testing programmes and structure for development of performance tests for transportation fuels, Lubricants and other related fluids.

Technical Assessors - Fuels, Oil and Gas

Closing date : No closing date

UKAS is looking for independent technical assessors for Fuels, Oil and Gas related work.

Technical Assessors - Fire/Flammability Testing

Closing date : No closing date

UKAS is actively seeking technical assessors in the area of fire/flammability testing.