» How to transfer accreditation

UKAS will consider applications for the transfer of accreditation from one legal entity to another.  Such applications must be discussed with your Assessment Manager before any changes to the legal entity take place to avoid accreditation being suspended or withdrawn.

The request for transfer of accreditation must be formally submitted using the Transfer of Accreditation form* at the earliest opportunity.  UKAS will then carry out a review to determine how the change in legal entity will impact on maintenance of accreditation and whether accreditation can be transferred to the new legal entity.

Where the change in legal entity does not impact on the accredited service provided (e.g. where the management, resources, management system and procedures remain unchanged) the transfer of accreditation may be relatively straightforward.  However, if it is evident from the information provided that the accredited service could or will be affected by the change then UKAS shall determine whether any additional assessment effort will be required to determine conformity with the requirements for accreditation.

If the change in legal entity also requires additional activities to be added to the accredited scope then this will be dealt with separately as an ‘Extension to Scope’. 

The legal entity applying for the transfer of accreditation must be prepared to accept all contractual, legal, financial and other obligations which relate to the accredited activities of the current accredited entity for accreditation to be transferred.  Where this is not possible, the accreditation cannot be transferred and the new legal entity will need to submit a new application for accreditation.

Where an existing accredited organisation is intending to change its name but the legal entity is unaffected there is no requirement to complete this form.  In this instance, please notify your appointed UKAS Assessment Manager at the earliest opportunity.  A new UKAS Agreement will need to be signed by both parties.

UKAS will charge a minimum of 0.5 day effort to cover the cost of transferring accreditation to the new legal entity, however there may be additional costs if further work is required.


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