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Reference Material Producer accreditation (ISO Guide 34 / ISO 17034)

UKAS provides accreditation to organisations producing Reference Materials, who wish to demonstrate their competence through formal compliance.

Accreditation has historically been provided to ISO Guide 34 although a new standard, ISO 17034, was published in November 2016 to replace it. A 3-Year period has been internationally agreed to allow organisations accredited to ISO Guide 34 to make any necessary changes to their systems and for accreditation to be transferred to the new standard. 

Accreditation of Reference Material Producers benefits users as it provides confidence in the competence of the producer to characterise reference materials. The UKAS Technical Policy Statement (TPS 57) relating to the selection and use of Reference Material Producers sets out the policy. This policy statement clearly states that the testing laboratory should use suitable reference materials where available and that the testing laboratory is responsible for ensuring the suitability of the Reference Material Producer.

UKAS Accreditation provides an level of confidence and assurance that international guidelines are followed in the production, labelling, and assignment of property values to materials, including stability and homogeneity determinations.

ILAC has published a brochure that sets out the value of accredited reference material producers. 



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