» Development of new areas of accreditation

UKAS operates a new product development programme, enabling us to develop innovative ways to reflect and serve the market sectors in which we operate. When exploring new or emerging areas or schemes and fields of accreditation, we start by assessing the validity of the proposal in order to establish whether:

  • there is a genuine need for accreditation and appropriate ownership of the approach being offered (driven by the market and/or government regulation or legislation and not by the evaluators);
  • the approach has been developed by relevant interested parties;
  • the evaluation criteria meet appropriate technical standards;
  • the approach is eligible for UKAS accreditation i.e. in the public interest and eligible for international recognition.

There are a great many potential subjects for accreditation which are currently being developed for implementation.

The constant changes and challenges that businesses are experiencing in their internal and external environments mean that we must not only investigate the validity of emerging areas for accreditation but must also keep our own assessment and accreditation processes under constant review in order to keep abreast of technological developments and to identify and develop newer or ‘smarter’ ways of operating. These in turn provide greater value to our customers helping to maintain and improve their competence and performance. If you are responsible for determining policies that involve any form of independent evaluation, UKAS can help you define your needs or design an assessment service.

Further information is contained in the Development of new areas of accreditation

If you are a Government official, Scheme Owner, healthcare professional or conformity assessment body, and you are interested in using accreditation to underpin the quality of evaluations carried out by conformity assessment bodies, please contact us on 01784 429 012 or by email info@ukas.com.

A list of current pilot projects, or those where UKAS is seeking expressions of interest, is available here.